To my fellow women

My dear fellow women, I see you, broken, smudged mascara, rolling tears I see you putting yourself back together, bit by bit acing that winged eyeliner that gummy smile I see you fearing to be seen hating attention hiding behind a friend I see you finally taking over the stage responding with confidence Posing with […]

I am so glad you exist

I am so glad you exist I thought we would never meet, not in this lifetime. I kept looking for you and was too obsessed with finding “the one” desperate and awkward for love I felt this lifetime of mine will be a barren land empty of that connection divine. But deep down, I knew […]

The moon is her lover

she finds love, beneath the moon. Every night, when the moonlight caresses her skin, gently, tracing every nook and corner and she surrenders, while it kisses playfully her cheeks. the cold calm breeze blows away her hair, touching her bare skin, soothing her aching heart and body, as if a lover slowly presses all your […]

love will find a way

Her deepest scars were tucked behind, carefully in the darkest corners of her heart, wrapped in layers of comfort zone and vulnerability. He wasn’t in a hurry either, he wasn’t going anywhere. She needed to open herself up, to stripe down her insecurities and to shed off all that she was not. And once she […]

She is different.

So, you are protecting your heart from getting broken?? You are guarding your feelings so that it doesn’t get hurt,once again. But can’t you see the difference between her and the one who once broke you. It’s clearly visible, isn’t it?? She is different, she is the one who cares about you unlike the one […]

Your heartbeat ,my favourite music

Your heartbeat was my favorite music . And it told me things, you have been hiding. You asked me how ?? Just when I kissed you,  it kept beating  as if nothing happened. Unlike the times When I could hear your thumping heart. As if I ran into your veins instead of blood .

Dark circles

Anadya changed dp on her wattsup . Minutes later wattsup buzzed with a notification from her childhood friend. ” your dark circles are quite visible ,remove your dp ” read the text . It’s okay sweetheart ,I do have dark circles that’s why they are visible. replied Anadya  Her eyes had dark circles and all […]

Familiar lipsā¤

I would never be able to resist even after so many years . Even after so many memories good or bad , they  are still close to my heart and still dear. Your lips may be forgotten but will always be the most familiar . My heart will  always recognize them. No matter after how […]