She is different.

So, you are protecting your heart from getting broken??

You are guarding your feelings so that it doesn’t get hurt,once again.

But can’t you see the difference between her and the one who once broke you.

It’s clearly visible, isn’t it??

She is different, she is the one who cares about you unlike the one who used to enjoy all your attention and used to expect you to pamper her all the time.

She is different, she pampers you, she is concerned whether you ate your food on time or not.

You reached home safely or not, she gets angry if you don’t text her when you reach home.

She doesn’t keep you wondering about her feelings, she tells you clearly.

She doesn’t keep you waiting for a call back.

She calls you even if it annoys you sometimes.

You miss her voice if she doesn’t.

Can’t you see?

She is different,

different from all the girls you cared about and they didn’t.

All the girls you didn’t cared about and even they didn’t.

She is different coz she cares, she gives a damn about you and your life and your people.

Coz somewhere deep inside your heart, you care about her may be not as much as she does but still you do.

Don’t you??

And that’s why she is different.

Isn’t she?

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