I am so glad you exist

I am so glad you exist

I thought

we would never meet,

not in this lifetime.

I kept looking for you

and was too obsessed with finding “the one”

desperate and awkward for love

I felt this lifetime of mine

will be a barren land

empty of that connection divine.

But deep down, I knew there were some lessons to be learned, some parts to be healed.

And that’s why I slowly

stopped myself from looking for

you in every corner of the city

that made me stop

falling in love with the possibilities,

compelled me to look within.

And finally I was happy and content

there wasn’t any “need” left,

to feel loved by someone else.

No, I didn’t give up on love.

How could I?

I have always breathed in

love like oxygen,

I just understood

that love is in everything, every moment

and that’s how my whole life turned out to be love

and maybe that’s what

made me finally see the person,

I was meant to be with

for the soulmate is the one who makes

you look within and

find the things

you never knew existed

A soulmate is the one who makes you go on a journey

only to meet you halfway
to make your life a beautiful experience and love you a little more, every single day.

You see the thing about the

soulmate connection is you

feel free like a bird,

you fall in love with yourself even more

that’s how a soulmate love is,

exhilarating, liberating, soothing

all at once.

And my grateful heart whispered again.

“I thought we would never meet

But here you are and

I am so glad you exist”

27 thoughts on “I am so glad you exist

  1. Sometimes, we are, looking for what is missing, in our selves in another, mistakenly believing, that, they are, what makes us, complete, when, we are, only seeing, the not-so-obvious parts of our own selves, in another…

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