I wonder

I wonder why certain pain feels so precious to us that we hold on to it desperately trying to find the trace of the ones we never wanted to loose in the first place maybe this pain is the the only way to hold on to those who left and never looked back. I wonder […]

It’s okay

Asking for help is okay rejection is okay setting boundary is okay laughing at your own jokes is okay being clumsy is okay being okay is okay you don’t have to ace everything you can decide what you choose to stay average in so that you can be your absolute best in things you love […]

my wishes to the one reading this

I wish you a heart so pure and genuine that it cares for everyone, selfless, devoid of any envy, I wish you a mind so strong, that it knows when to stop and put yourself first. I wish you have a child like smile innocent and carefree I wish you don’t hold back your tears, […]

Let me go

Let me go loosen up your claws on my life set me free, please don’t hold on to me no promises, no assurance I want you to give when I already decided to leave please do me a favour and let me go you could have changed when I was there trying my best to […]

hope you find what you are looking for

It’s okay to reject people, it’s totally okay to tell them that you don’t want them anymore or you never wanted them in the first place. what’s not okay is making someone feel unworthy so that you can leave with a justification in your heart and little less guilt. You don’t need to justify your […]

A letter to Ankita Lokhande

Dear Ankita, when the shock and denial subsided, grief took over and when the thoughts shifted from him to his family it moved to you and I am keeping you in my prayers. Ankita, I am no one, I know nothing about what you two shared or why chose to opt ways out of that […]

प्रेम एक कला है

कहते हैं प्रेम एक कला है, शायद सच कहते हैं, क्योंकि कभी-कभी, हम कहानियां नहीं चुनते, बल्कि वो ही हमें चुन लेती हैं। और अगर हम उनका इशारा ना समझ सकें, कि हमें लिखो, कहो या फिर सुनो, तो वह तब तक हमारे, दिल दिमाग और सपने में, दस्तक देते रहते हैं जब तक, उन्हें […]

Open your heart

It’s high time when our knowledge and logics needs to take a backseat especially if it makes you question someone’s sufferings, if it’s asking you to pinch the already wounded and not contributing in any way to spread kindness and empathy which is needed more than ever. Quite your mind, let your heart feel compassion, […]

red lipstick

“make your choice a warrior or a princess” asked the king, father of the only daughter So, he could find the most eligible “future king” of his state “groom for his princess”. But she was passionate about horses and swords as much as she loved her pearls and red lipsticks. And that’s why she chose […]