peace or resentment?

You don’t have to hurt those who hurt you, you don’t have to continue the vicious cycle, Someone left? let them leave, someone stayed? love them a friend suddenly turned cold and you don’t know why? it’s okay let them close their door. someone compete with you unnecessarily? let them win someone makes you feel […]

She is divine.

Her gaze holds power, her aura grace and she walks with her head held high and her heart full of compassion, her beautiful thought radiates through her skin making her glow like the morning sunshe shed her warmth upon everyone,lights up lives however she canbut you can’t really stare her or question ber With every […]

Your pain is valid

Sometimes, I borrow words most of the times pain, I see and feel around, I borrow from a heartbroken, who feel it’s not worthy to share who feel it’s not poignant enough to be heard and shed tears upon who feel there are bigger mountains of pain in the world and mine, mere a pebble […]

rain and him

She puts on a brave face and acts all strong but as soon as he asks her “are you okay?” She breaks down, tears wash away her pain like dirt on leaves, gets washed away by rain. His husky soothing voice calms her down like the raindrop sings the lullaby to the restless roses in […]

Chaos and the change

When the old patterns break, prejudice takes back seat. Decades shed skin conditioning go through unlearning,quite one’s roar. Evils tremble good take the charge. It’s certain to shake up the ages-old system, to destruct the old world to create new, chaos is inevitable just before the onset of change. Like the darkness is inevitable before […]

To my fellow women

My dear fellow women, I see you, broken, smudged mascara, rolling tears I see you putting yourself back together, bit by bit acing that winged eyeliner that gummy smile I see you fearing to be seen hating attention hiding behind a friend I see you finally taking over the stage responding with confidence Posing with […]

I wonder

I wonder why certain pain feels so precious to us that we hold on to it desperately trying to find the trace of the ones we never wanted to loose in the first place maybe this pain is the the only way to hold on to those who left and never looked back. I wonder […]