To my fellow women

My dear fellow women,
I see you,
smudged mascara,
rolling tears

I see you
putting yourself back together,
bit by bit
acing that winged eyeliner
that gummy smile

I see you
fearing to be seen
hating attention
hiding behind a friend

I see you
finally taking over the stage
responding with confidence
Posing with that friend

I see you
hiding braces behind palms
holding back your laughter instead
giving that subtle smile
wanting to dance
yet choosing to cheer up
those who are dancing

I see you
laughing the hardest
singing the loudest
dancing your heart out

And I want to tell you that

you are worthy in all your versions
and I love you

I want to see you win

Another woman, rooting for you always

Much love

32 thoughts on “To my fellow women

  1. Wow Anamika. Wonderful work dear. Full of women power. It’s very essential to lift up our fellow woman nah.. If not us who would celebrate our empowerment?
    Thanks for giving wonderful read Anamika.
    Stay happy dearπŸ˜ŠπŸ€—

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    1. Hey Mitty so good to see you here on my post.
      Definitely Mitty, I am so proud of us, earlier it was believed that women indulge in catfights and are competitors but I am so glad we are able to change that.
      Much love dear
      Take care

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