love will find a way

Her deepest scars were tucked behind, carefully in the darkest corners of her heart,

wrapped in layers of comfort zone and vulnerability.

He wasn’t in a hurry either, he wasn’t going anywhere.

She needed to open herself up, to stripe down her insecurities and to shed off all that she was not.

And once she did he helped her to unpack her baggage.

He had all the time to know her to see her and finally tell her to be her beautiful self.

She didn’t know that she was a blessing, just by existing and being herself.

And he was here to remind her of all the power and beauty she holds.

Who knew love will meet her in it’s purest, kindest, accepting form through an arranged marriage.

Indeed, love finds a way sometimes in most conventional and sometimes in most unexpected ways.

23 thoughts on “love will find a way

  1. Beautiful words depicting many love lives of married couples. Truly love will find a way if we didn’t push also. Moreover that love will be grow up with them day by day.
    I loved it Anamikaa. Once I said right you’re writing of reality with beautiful words without so much exaggeration and that’s makes your work lovely and unique ❤️

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