The moon is her lover

she finds love,
beneath the moon.
Every night,
when the moonlight
caresses her skin,
gently, tracing
every nook and corner
and she surrenders,
while it kisses playfully
her cheeks.

the cold calm
breeze blows away her hair,

touching her bare skin,

soothing her aching heart
and body,

as if a lover slowly
presses all your
right buttons before
making love to you.

Indeed her lover is the moon.

26 thoughts on “The moon is her lover

  1. प्रेम का एहसास हो,
    प्रेम की ही प्यास हो,
    प्रेम ही हो धरा …
    प्रेम ही आकाश हो,
    प्रेम ही हो तपन,
    प्रेम ही उल्लास हो,
    प्रेम ही हो शायरी..
    प्रेम ही उपन्यास हो,
    प्रेम ही हो अनामिका,
    प्रेम ही न्यास हो.. 👏👏👏

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