Dark circles

Anadya changed dp on her wattsup .

Minutes later wattsup buzzed with a notification from her childhood friend.

” your dark circles are quite visible ,remove your dp ” read the text .

It’s okay sweetheart ,I do have dark circles that’s why they are visible. replied Anadya 

Her eyes had dark circles and all the sparkles because of  the love she finally found for her, within herself.

She didn’t wait for dark circles to vanish ,neither did she use any editor.

And coverage with the help of makeup was out of question coz she wasn’t good at it.

She finally accepted herself,without seeking any validation or approval from anyone .

15 thoughts on “Dark circles

  1. Oh, how free each of us would be if we could stay true to this perspective! So much in socialization erodes authenticity, and seeing the beauty in a life lived with self-compassion and a deep understanding of all the outward evidence of our glorious human selves. Thanks for sharing your gift…you are a game-changer πŸ™‚

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