rain and him

She puts on a brave face and acts all strong but as soon as he asks her “are you okay?” She breaks down, tears wash away her pain like dirt on leaves, gets washed away by rain. His husky soothing voice calms her down like the raindrop sings the lullaby to the restless roses in […]

To my fellow women

My dear fellow women, I see you, broken, smudged mascara, rolling tears I see you putting yourself back together, bit by bit acing that winged eyeliner that gummy smile I see you fearing to be seen hating attention hiding behind a friend I see you finally taking over the stage responding with confidence Posing with […]

I wonder

I wonder why certain pain feels so precious to us that we hold on to it desperately trying to find the trace of the ones we never wanted to loose in the first place maybe this pain is the the only way to hold on to those who left and never looked back. I wonder […]

The moon is her lover

she finds love, beneath the moon. Every night, when the moonlight caresses her skin, gently, tracing every nook and corner and she surrenders, while it kisses playfully her cheeks. the cold calm breeze blows away her hair, touching her bare skin, soothing her aching heart and body, as if a lover slowly presses all your […]

the last conversation

I was hungry, looking for something to eat.I saw you bringing me a fruit you were nothing less than an angel for me and my unborn baby It made me happy,reminded me of the time,I could pick up fruits from the trees, but there are no jungles around, anymore and the trees don’t bear fruits […]

magic of words

No one is perfect even when you see someone making mistakes not being their best speak of faith resilience. learn patience and share with them be honest but not the brutal honest be the kind honest see them fall see them get up clap for them cheer them and they will do better it works […]

I can’t sleep

I opened our chat window after days, even weeks or maybe months I don’t want to remember how long it went by since we stopped talking but I opened our chat window, which somehow is blank now but here is my confession I didn’t delete it I wanted to keep it everything from our fights […]

Life, a sakura tree

Life, is like a Sakura tree uncertain and short- lived they bloom just for two weeks no one really knows which weeks of the season they will fully bloom they go from the long stem, pink flower clusters to barren branches in no time just like our fleeting lives and how it can tragically end […]