I can’t breathe

I wonder is racism okay, until it doesn’t kill someone?

Is it okay if it just makes you cry at 3 a.m because you felt so ugly and humiliated as anyone refused to sit next to you because they find you appalling because of your complexion and don’t find you enough to be friends with?

Is it okay if it just makes you question about your worth day in and out?

Is it okay if it gets you removed outta a play because the heroine needs to fair and lovely and not dusky and ugly?

Is it okay if the lead actress for a dusky character had to get herself painted so that she can look dusky enough because either the industry doesn’t have enough dusky heroines or they prefer a fair-skinned over the one who actually is dusky, defying the whole purpose of the film?

I wonder is it okay if your friends remind you again and again that you are not pretty enough for your boyfriend because he is too fair-skinned?

I wonder if finally the man himself admitting that he questions himself for choosing her because she is not pretty enough to look good with him and his friends tell him the same?

I wonder is it okay that the daughter in law in the family with all the talent and intelligence feels inferior in front of the other daughter law because she is fairer and that’s why maybe prettier?

Is it okay if our songs are full of Gori, Gora
sunder, fair?

Is it okay to feel, assume, remind, constantly each other through our thoughts, action and even arts
that fair is beautiful?

I ask you again, is it okay if the racism doesn’t kill someone or maybe it does like a slow poison, a slow death, death of someone’s self-esteem, someone’s right to beauty, is it okay?

Because if it is not?

then let’s look into our own backyards before standing in the movement continents apart, because that’s how you stand for #blacklivesmatter because that’s how you begin the movement, starting at your own home, calling out your own learnings of the idea of beauty, calling out your own family, society.


whether it takes a life or gives someone just sleepless night,

it’s not okay,
when it breaks someone’s self-esteem or bones

it’s not okay
if it’s suffocating you to death
or kill you every day

racism is not okay. neither extreme, nor subtle way

it’s not okay
when a little girl
with brightest eyes and smile
breaks into tears
because she thinks ugly

It’s not okay

#itsnotokay #icantbreathe

33 thoughts on “I can’t breathe

  1. In Canada racism most profoundly targets the indigenous population. We’ve had the Truth and Reconciliation Commission on the abusive residential school system, we’ve had the court case of the 60’s Scoop and now we’re waiting for action on the recommendations on the report of The Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls (over 1200 unsolved cases through lack of police action). And then we have racism towards blacks thrown in the mix. So much sadness, lives lost and reparation work to be done.

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  2. Not “like” because the situation’s likable (it isn’t) but because you are rightly and accurately–and expressively–schooling the world. Why other races aren’t attractive to other races, I don’t know. Why the tone of color in one race decides a difference, I don’t know. But I’m naive and might not understand my own conditioning. Thank goodness there are voices such as yours. I guess I have to believe that, however gradually, the world has to wake up to delight in all the diversity there is. Thank you.

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    1. Thank you so much, means a lot , really.
      I just tried to get those voices out of my head glad you read it with an open mind.
      we all have our conditionings which often we might be unaware of but it’s okay as long as we are open to listen and learn to see things from other’s perspectives ❀


  3. There are, the overt sorts of discrimination, like what’s currently happening in the world right now, and, there’s, the covert sort, how people may be, self-righteous, stating how they are, against, racism, but their, behaviors proved, otherwise, and, both are, not okay…

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