If only  you would  have  known 

You could have understand how much I needed my bestfriend 

Cities changed and like the two starsEnveloped by the  beautiful night sky which can see each others light  but  must drift apart

I danced with joy ,for all your achievments.I always clapped,

but then  why your  fists clenched When I told you mine

I stayed awake to listen to your dreams,your fears

I saw you  grieving at all those heartaches and  all those tears 

Then where were you ,when I had to share mine 

I picked up that 3 am calls just to help you sleep 

 I was the shoulders when you had to weep

But for me,my pillow was there for my  muffled sobs

I know you were not at fault 

I just had to understand 

Distance was long  

And our friendship was stronger 

 But you had a life and couldnt manage all the things together.

I assusmed that you had a long day at work ,

I called,and received your text “talk to you later”

I kept waiting for the mend up call

I was planning how to scold 

I had a list of long missed tales 

I knew you were tired but will listen 

I missed our laughs and random rants ,all those inside jokes we used to crack

But that night passed and so the  weeks and after months you still were busy

I tried and tried to cover up the increasing gap but failed .

It seemed that I was the only one who tried

I know you have got a life and bunch of new friends. 

But dont forget my dear 

I am still here ,when you would look back 

Life happens ,I understand 

but  for me ,you will always  be my bestfriend​

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  1. Sadly, I could relate to every single line of this post. it just felt like someone else narrated my story more beautifully than I possibly could.
    Do stop by my page if you have some time to spare at

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  2. If could like this poem a thousand times,i would.I had a best friend whom because of life’s hassles we drifted apart.
    Recently was the day when she walked down the isle to her prince charming and trust me the poem brought back the memories i shared with her and i cried.
    Akila continue writing the sky is the limit.
    Thanks for blessing my day.

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  3. Yeah, I would have to say my best friend is better at keeping in touch than I am. I would be on the receiving end of this poem, unfortunately. It wasn’t that I was not proud of her accomplishments: graduating high school and having three children. It was just that I went to college and graduated instead of having children. We are still the best of friends, but our lives have taken different paths. And she handles her stress A LOT better than I handle mine. She also can articulate her feelings and emotions better than I can. I am strictly the “achiever” and “bookworm” type. She is the more “family-oriented” one.

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  4. In every relation ship one has to drift apart one day. We born alone, Die alone.

    Beautiful expressions of emotions indeed.

    Loved the way you played with words. I am touched.

    You’re are creative writer, keep sharing.

    Good morning.


  5. it happens. with growing responsibilities and changing priorities in life . but still we can all make effort to stay in touch with our close ones . even just a whatsapp wish during festival could keep us connected .
    but yes if they drift away due to fights and misunderstanding , its difficult to reconnect with them as either of us would turn a lil cold and emotionless

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