And she wrote the poem 

may be lamest.

But for her it was a proud moment  

She knew that 

she will  make mistakes

Humans we are and no one is perfect

She would write and delete

She carried on to edit

Sometime she find words 

Sometimes it got blurred 

But she kept on writing

She can’t be stopped

But there came a thought 

Everyone   is so good around

Who would read mine,

Do I write well

Oh! I wish someone could tell

 dropped her pen 

and sat there silent

She looked into the mirror

And found  her  only opponent 

With a smile on her face 

And peace in her heart 

Her writing again got a fresh  start 

47 thoughts on “ THE ONLY OPPONENT

  1. Every one think in similar ways, here people praise others for thier efforts not for the out come.

    Moreover they look for human to human connection which is not based on judgemental behaviour.

    Strangers are more supportive than people are in real life. Here people are not envy but caring.

    That’s why we can to write and connect.

    Have great time.

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