I am hurting again

I didn’t know,where my uneasinesswas coming from, I was having sleepless nightsfor two days in a row. I was going throughoverwhelming suffocationand a feeling of being helplessas if someone needs meand I am not able to be there. this anxietydidn’t seem to go awayI was choking on tears I let my heart outand cried for […]

Let’s talk

Before the  year ends  Let’s do one last thing 🙂 Pick that phone and call that one person ,you could’nt talk this year too. Yeah! the same whom you thought of contacting at the Beigining of this year which is going to last tomorrow. But this year too only increased the gap between you and […]


The people you can share silence with are the one’s you can share anything. From your dark secrets to your silly regrets From your empty pockets To your recent paychecks From your smiles to your tears From your coffee to your bear They will drive you crazy Sometimes will pamper you  When you being lazy […]


 image Source:Quotepix.com If only  you would  have  known  You could have understand how much I needed my bestfriend  Cities changed and like the two stars, Enveloped by the  beautiful night sky which can see each others light  but  must drift apart I danced with joy ,for all your achievments.I always clapped, but then  why your  fists clenched When I told you mine I stayed awake to listen to […]