I’ll wait

​ I will wait for the man Who  will  always stay mine either in the heavy rain or in  the sunshine Whose  love will never fade Who will never change No matter how much things will go wrong together we will stay strong Someone who will be so proud  That he will  say it loud She […]


Hello everyone ,today I am not going to publish any post I just want to express  my gratitude ,my love ,immense affection and respect for all beautiful ,amazing fellow bloggers. I never ever thought that I can come such a long a way ,i have never thought even in my dreams that i could write […]

Thank you

​ Thank you  for breaking my heart  Giving me  a reason for  new  start  Thank you for taking me granted You have always been what I wanted Its okay if I wasn’t the one You should have already run from  all the love  I had to give If you knew you aren’t able to receive Thank you for  […]

Listen to my silence

​Hear me when I am talking Before you need to  Hold me when I am shaking Because of the tears which are Accumulated in my eyes  filled up to the brim  So that they cannot flow  And reach down to my lips the eyes won’t be able to  hold them Anymore They will  just  then break […]

His Diwali

He was watching the sparkles which lit the  whole sky that night not to enjoy but waiting for it to end so that he too can celebrate “his Diwali”. Author’s note: Wish you all a very happy and prosperous Diwali . Let’s make sure we can help atleast one such kid to celebrate their Diwali.Spread […]

The love which never left 

​ We are born with the inbulit quality to love and being loved . As a new born child can’t understand the word you speak ,may not get  your gesture or your body language. But they do know the language of love your one expression of love and affection ,they will come in your arms […]

This is how you  grow up 

​ You have been loved by one and all ,you feel yourself so fullfilling and content .As you are the one whom your friends rely on. You are the one who is made to feel important  You are the one who get to know who is having their first kiss  And who is having  their […]


The people you can share silence with are the one’s you can share anything. From your dark secrets to your silly regrets From your empty pockets To your recent paychecks From your smiles to your tears From your coffee to your bear They will drive you crazy Sometimes will pamper you  When you being lazy […]

Join me on Instagram!

I’m on Instagram as  @unsaid_words_by_anamika Hello everyone its been a great  journey till now on WP.Thank you so much for all the support ,love and encouragment. Because of you people ,I am having the courage to spread wings on other social media sites. Kindly join me on instagram and facebook m.facebook.com/anamikaablog  See you there 🙂 […]