She opened her eyes at the chirping voice of that little bird in her balcony .She smiled and pushed away her quilt ,folded her hand to thanks the almighty for giving her the oppurtunity to see one more beautiful morning .
Isn’t its strange that the things we take for so granted are the biggest boon for someone, like this beautiful sunny morning .How many of us are thankful for this one more sunshine ,one more day to breath ,to smile and see our loved ones .​
Well ,even anadya was no different few months back ,she too was a crazy ,chirpy bubbly kind of girl .

Like rest of her average 20 something she too was caught up in making her  living rather than actually living.

But everything changed 2 months back,It was a fine summer morning and she was getting late for her work, like always she skipped  her breakfast and ran  to the end of her lane where cab was waiting for her.

She left her office a bit late  that evening so had to call  the  private cab rather than the office cab which already left . 

Way back to home ,she was talking to her mom on phone and there with a bang a truck collided  with the cab .

And last thing she remembered is her head thrasing to the glass window .

when she  opened her eyes ,a beautiful angel in long flowing white gown was standing there . Exactly the one she used to imagine while listening stories from her nani when she was a kid.

She rubbed her eyes but she was still there ,she came near anadya and said “lets go home anu” 

 Who are you ,may be I am in hospital .I remember my head hitting up the car window thats why this nurse is looking as an angel .

Sister can you please call my mom ,where is she .Sorry anu you know ,no one can go with you there you have to come alone .What you saying sister ,she was still not able to grasp ,whatever was going on  .

I am talking about the  home we all have come from ,for a short span of time .Its like holiday ,you came you had a roller coaster ride.Everyone have to go back .

She leaned down to hold annu’s hand .But wait she stumbled ,she somehow was coming into senses .

I didn’t said bye to anyone ,I had a fight with dad last night .I have to say sorry .That  guy who shares my cab and don’t speak a word ,you know I like him. I haven’t tell him yet ,can’t you just wait ,let me do things I have always wanted to do .

Annu,she heard  muffled sobs of her mom ,she tried hard to open her eyes ,used all the power,with  request in her eyes she looked at the  angel .

The angel nodded with a yes and she was able to open her eyes and saw her parents and hugged them .

Papa ,I am sorry for the last time I argued with you .And I don’t tell you this often but I love you and thank you so much for everything .

Her parents thought ,she is getting emotional beacuse of anesthesia .

But she knew that she got a second chance not everyone gets and this time she is going to make most of this until its taken away .

After all her interest was in journey now rather than the destination she  kissed her mom and wiped away her tears

                 And from then ,anadya learned lesson to say I love you often to the people she loves.She learned to forgive and forget after all its not forver we are gonna stay here right?Then after she didn’t hold herself from saying things she wanted to say someone , she didn’t wait for a tomorrow to do things she loves to do and she never forgets to thank God for giving her this 

                  ” SECOND CHANCE”

Author’s note:

Everyday is your second chance ,you don’t know when it will be taken back .So just make most of it .


Anamika πŸ™‚


48 thoughts on “SECOND CHANCE

    1. Thanks carolyn πŸ™‚ ,I believe we all are enough in ourselves and we are so full of love and positivity that we can lean down and lift up anyone’s spirit .specifically those who feel alone and nobody in this whole wide world .I want to make sure that everybody feels that somebody is there for them

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