To the girl who walked in when everyone else walked away

Though we have never met personally ,still you affected my life the most, in a very postive way completely opposite of what I have heard of you .

We never shared same college or same school ,not even the same group of  friends.

All I knew about you was  ,you were his past ,the one who made him cry and may be that was the reason I did’nt like you because   that’s what you are supposed to do with the ex of someone you thought was the love of your life.

Anyways ,things were going good and U and I  both were completely unaffected with each other’s life until  my world became upside down ,everything changed when he decided to walk away because he was not sure of his future with me .He was not strong enough to take a stand for me ,he denied all that we had .But this time I am not going to talk about the one who broke me down , I am going to talk about who helped me to pick myself up and Its you ,the most unexpected person on this earth.

I have always been the kind of girl who put others  Before herself ,the one who could give up her sleep without thinking even for a second to listen someone else’s pain .

But when I needed them and tried to reach  out for them ,they turned their back .

I was shattered and broken ,I was so miserable that I decide to text you ,the one whom I would have never tried to initiate a conversation with .​

picture credit :THE GOODVIBE.CO

But you not only  replied,you listened and comforted me like no one did .

It was soothing and comforting conversation.

Slowly we both started sharing every single thing ,you stood beside me strongly and help me to get through one of the toughest time of my Life.

You took stand for me when needed. You made me feel good about myself ,which was so important for me at that point of time .

You did everything for me which I used to do for others.

I could cry my heart out infront of you ,I could laugh out loud with you.

And don’t know when we started to rely on each other ,the way we both started to help and support each other was unexpected and amazing.

You were known to me as a selfish girl ,but now its been long since I know you and I can proudly say you are the most selfless girl I have ever came across .

NOw the things are better ,my friends are back into my life because they are used to be with me when I am at my best version .I let them in ,I dont have heart to ignore someone when they need me.

But you came when I was at my worst ,and never left my side .

No matter who come and leaves ,you are  always going to be on top .

What you did for me are way beyond my words could ever express .

From the one who will never leave your side no matter what ​.​

Picture credit :commas &Half strokes

55 thoughts on “To the girl who walked in when everyone else walked away

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  2. “All I knew about you was ,you were his past ,the one who made him cry and may be that was the reason I did’nt like you because that’s what you are supposed to do with the ex of someone you thought was the love of your life.” This is a really neat set up for the rest of your piece. Have you ever watched the movie The Other Woman? It’s kind of about just this topic and it hilarious and touching.

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  3. This poem brought tears to my eyes. I never met a friend similar to the person you refer to, but in an empathetic manner, it seems like quite a nice experience. The closest person who came to this person was my fiancé.

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  4. One who understands your pain is the best friend on the earth, who had suffered with similar pain.

    Many times I surprised about pain, does pain really exist ?

    Beautiful story , so intriguing.

    Keep writing

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  5. How perfectly lovely a story is this?!! seems he may have been placed in your life for an exact reason just not the one you were expecting! So nice to read! 🙂

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      1. Yes and when new feelings for the person of course you believe what they say I mean why wouldnt you? How good of her when you turned to her she maybe knew your pain and was so understanding..I love it when people are so kind..seems in this case it was you and she that were meant to be! Friendship is a beautiful thing! 🙂

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  6. Unexpected good things give us the best happiness and when an unexpected person becomes your best friend is one of the most happiest moment. Think of yourself as lucky one as you got a best friend when you lost interest in everything. 🙂 stay blessed

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  7. Becoming friends with the ex of your lover is something very difficult.. I can relate myself with the first-two paragraphs and I felt same disgust.. It Is very special that the girl you once hated became your last resort.. I wish for the same bond for everyone.. Good writeup

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    1. Yeah even I am amazed ,actually sometimes we judge people on the basis of things we have heard but when you came across those people personally .Its altogether different ,I guess thats what heppend to me 🙂

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