There comes a point  in your life when you start doubting yourself and your abilities .
The small things that make you happy,those big dreams you promised yourself as a little girl .

Everything takes a backckseat in your life.

You know why :

  • Because you started to values someone else more than yourself .
  • someone who does not know your worth .
  • who overlooks your goodness,your kindness ,and your intelligence. 

Eventually you start believing them 

  • You start focussing on your flaws ,rather than accepting and loving yourself as you are .
  • completely forget that you are the epitome of qualities ,you have always admired in others


So  always remember.

  • Never ever do that to yourself 
  • .Love others but don’t you dare forget yourself when you remember people you love
  • Do things to make others happy but remember,to begin with yourself .
  • Keep motivating and appreciating others but did you look at the beautiful ,amazing girl in the mirror ,did you appreciate her today .
  • SO what if you don’t have people who make you feel good.
  • You always have yourself
  • Make yourself a priority.
  • Make sure you don’t see yourself from the eyes of ones who can not see your worth .

Even if they can’t see what a gem you are ,never loose yourself in the process of  making others happy and comfortable .

Don’t you forget to

  • love, appreciate yourself 

    And always remember to 

    Value yourself even if they don’t

    69 thoughts on “VALUE YOURSELF

    1. I absolute agree with u,but we will realise it only when the one whom we valued the most,turn us down.there is nothn wrong in caring others,but dont forget that u r imp too,in ma post tips for positive life,I hav also written about it,u check it:)

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    2. Excellent, well written. With regard to “gruundehn”, I am 67 born 1949, as soon as I showed any sign of my own mind as a toddler, my Mother made it clear that I did what she wanted, thought/acted just like her. This leaves the individual with so many doubts throughout their life, you have no confidence, you know nothing else, you don’t even like yourself. If my Mother caught me looking at myself in a mirror I was in trouble. I doubted everything about myself. My life has been spent caring for my Family, not living my own life, that I would have wanted, doubting myself all the time. So for you as a young Lady to say what you have has been an inspiration to me. Well said, I so look forward to reading more from you. Keep writing please. Take care.

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    3. I have some problems with this philosophy and I can support it as well. (Nice waffling, right?) Everyone gains their values from someone else – this is my main problem with this philosophy. And everyone modifies their values as they grow and mature as they find that their values no longer fit their needs or are not supported by reality. The values I have today, at 66, have changed from those I had at 16, 26, etc. However, letting someone impose values on you, now that you are an adult, is not being true to yourself. My Father told me in 1964: Unless you honestly look at both side of an issue, you do not have an opinion, you are a parrot. And for values, you need to examine the values you hold periodically and examine the values, honestly examine the values that someone else says you must hold. Never believe that you have worth without having reason to do so. If you run a race and come in third, accept your proven value and do not whine about not making first. If you come in last, accept that either you need more training and experience or that you need to move on to something else where your talents and abilities lie. Do not accept a participation trophy as anything other than acknowledgment that you were there. Such is a nice thank you for participating but little more.
      So, find your accomplishments and talents and base your definition of self-worth on those, not on anything you have no control over. I can be proud of my beard since I have control over its length and shape but why should I be proud of my eye color since I have no control over that?
      You always have some good in you, something that you can love but honest self-worth comes from what you can control.

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