Still  it hurts sometimes though

Our love was new 
To me ,you were true

I loved you with all my heart

For us It was a great start 

Those chilly winter mornings

I still remember those cuddlings

The way you held my hand ,to help me Cross the road 

The way Your eyes searched for me across the crowd

But I don’t know what happend 

Love faded or you have changed  

I wish everything could remain same

“Things won’t work out ” all you said 

I begged, I cried ,I ached with pain

Its been months and now I know

Loosing you was indeed a gain

still it hurts sometimes though 

I ‘ll make through it ,that I know

 still  it hurts sometimes though

PS: my first attempt at poetry ,but couldn’t hold back from sharing with you guys 🙂 

92 thoughts on “ Still  it hurts sometimes though

  1. It’s beautiful, very beautiful indeed.
    Loved, words, expression and emotions.

    Love and pain are one , the same energy with different out look.

    You did wonders !

    All the very Best looking for more !

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  2. Just the fact that you attempted it and shared it says a lot on your behalf. Nothing to worry about. Experimental. Artistic and creative. Yes, keep in the practice you have skill. You don’t lack imagination. Look at the response you elicited from the bloggers. A great response. Excellent work.

    Liked by 1 person

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