This is for you, my girl who is trying hard to figure out her life after a heartbreak .

I know that you get up every morning with a promise to yourself that you will not let your past take control over your present ,that you will try to believe in  yourself a little more ,that may be soon you will get your closure or will be able to see why all this had to turn out this way  . But every night you go back to sleep again wiping away your tears a bit roughly because you don want your heart and mind wander again about the same person who broke you down .

I know that you have been hoping to turn out to be more attractive  overnight and everything else you could, which will eventually make him realize what a loss he had but all you can do is pull yourself out of your bed, pushing away your overwhelming thoughts to make one more day bearable ,to smile back when people smile at you .while all you wanted to go back to your dark room and close your eyes peacefully where no one could ask you” what is wrong with you ,why don’t you laugh often like you always used to”.

He is already seeing someone, while all you are able to do is spend one more day without flipping back to that golden diary which contains all your memories.

I know you have been wondering whether he misses you or not .weather the song of you two still remind him of you . I know that you tried to fake that smile and portray yourself happy so that he can see that you are doing well without him .You put that makeup on and got all dolled up to test the theory of “get up and show up” But that did not help either. You are back into your PJ ,with uncombed hair and puffy eyes while scrolling through his party pictures from last night.He is looking so happy ,no regrets, no pain on his face unlike yours as if he was waiting for you to get away from his life . No ,don’t take away your eyes to avoid the pain .Look the way he is holding her by  the waist .

Let your heart feel that pain ,let your throat get choked with the lump of tears you are trying to control ,let those tears flow but keep staring at those pictures until the moment it hurts a bit less . And I promise you there will come a day when you won’t need to wipe away this’ tears  sway away those thoughts. You will definitely smile with all your heart that genuine ,innocent smile of yours which light up your face and leaves you with glittery eyes .You will dress up and show up too because you will want to not to prove him your worth .And that day my love his hands around someone else’s waist won’t hurt you anymore .He will become non-existent for you as you have been for him always .

with love,                                                                                                                                                              from the one trying to move on


  1. Move on ! Otherwise also , we have left with no choice.

    Beautiful write up !

    All the very best for your life here and now. Where neither past nor future exists.

    Life happens in present moment.

    Good morning,

    Do let me know do I really need to go in more detail or I am fine with my views so far !


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  2. What’s your story? Is it the stories you post? The things you don’t say or the silence you experience after every post. I don’t know why or how I know you experience the silence but I do. I like how you leave out words in your stories because you’re so caught up in the passion of expressing how you feel or what you relate to. See…You do matter.

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  3. With time you get accustomed to that particular person’s presence and one day suddenly they aren’t there in your life. You are on your own. You don’t know how to spend time. The time which till now seemed less is now seemingly endless and unbearable. You lose focus. You lose interest. You lose your smile.
    Going through a Heartbreak or a simple breakup is very disheartening and it hurts more when you have loved someone so much that you saw your future with them.
    It was nice post. Again reminded me and made me emotional.


  4. Hey nice article.. could feel the feelings you going through..The feelings hurt in the start but later as one moves on one finds peace, specially if we change our focus the world is full of good things.. and the things which belong to you will come to you..Just give some time and your things will come to you. You only have to keep walking, away from the things hurting you and towards the things you love.. Tc..Have a good evening..

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  5. Unfortunately, I don’t really understand this because I’m still a kid and i havn’t had my first boyfriend yet. But from my level of understanding, this is really beautiful and insightful!
    By the way, Welcome to wordpress! I am also quite a new blogger and literally no one reads my posts so it will mean loads if you check my immature, childish, blog out!

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    1. Awww ,will definately check out your blog dear .And this is the thing with writing you can be raw ,open ,immature anything you actually are because writing enables you to express what you are .:)


      1. thank you 🙂 It’s really wonderful to have people support you and give you such wonderful advise 🙂 I hope you keep blogging because you seem so wise and insightful 🙂

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  6. You have a gift that I don’t have, to explain how you feel, nice writing! and indeed it’s better to accept the pain in order to move on, but I must admit I often fail to do that!

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    1. Its okay dear ,we all have oir own unique way to deal with the pain,and denial of the pain is a phase before acceptance .Eventually accepting pain will set you free ,it might take time but it will hppen for sure :).Thanks for the kind words

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