She opened her eyes at the chirping voice of that little bird in her balcony .She smiled and pushed away her quilt ,folded her hand to thanks the almighty for giving her the oppurtunity to see one more beautiful morning . Isn’t its strange that the things we take for so granted are the biggest […]


And she wrote the poem  may be lamest. But for her it was a proud moment   She knew that  she will  make mistakes Humans we are and no one is perfect She would write and delete She carried on to edit Sometime she find words  Sometimes it got blurred  But she kept on writing […]


There comes a point  in your life when you start doubting yourself and your abilities . The small things that make you happy,those big dreams you promised yourself as a little girl . Everything takes a backckseat in your life. You know why : Because you started to values someone else more than yourself . […]