art of precious scars

someone said,
my writing used to reek of
heartbreak and pain and
now it feels
like healing.

And I couldn’t agree more,
writing healed me
when my heart ached with pain,
the sufferings were entrapped
striking from within,
again and again

I allowed them to come out,
ripping my heart apart,
and the words kept flowing,
until my tears dried,
until the bleeding stopped
until the wound healed
and now there is a scar,
where the wound
used to be,

I made kintsugi
out of them,
filling the cracks of
my broken heart
with self love and learning

and now when I write,
my words connect me with my
inner self,
helping to dive in the deepest corners of my soul
and pour out my pearls,
making a lighthouse for others,
helping them to heal

and mastering the
art of golden scars

PS: kintsugi is a Japanese art, broken objects are filled with precious metals mostly gold to keep it as a reminder of broken is beautiful.

image source: pinterest

31 thoughts on “art of precious scars

  1. Could relate so much to this beautiful poem dear πŸ’›
    Loved the lines: β€œpour out my pearls,
    making a lighthouse for others” wonderful imagery.
    Thank you for enlightening us about kintsugi.

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  2. Writing is, indeed, a healing process.

    I remember, many of the nights and days(even in office) I used to write pages full of words to release and it always have worked.

    I still have many of the notes in my office desks.

    And your words reminded me of that. I’m happy that you started writing, and with each post, you’re improving. Truly. I’m proud of that.

    Loved this, Anamika.

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