I can’t sleep

I opened our chat window after days, even weeks or maybe months I don’t want to remember how long it went by since we stopped talking but I opened our chat window, which somehow is blank now but here is my confession I didn’t delete it I wanted to keep it everything from our fights […]

art of precious scars

someone said, my writing used to reek of heartbreak and pain and now it feels like healing. And I couldn’t agree more, writing healed me when my heart ached with pain, the sufferings were entrapped striking from within, again and again I allowed them to come out, ripping my heart apart, and the words kept […]

A letter to Irrfan Khan

Dear Irrfan khan, We knew you were in pain, suffering since  two years. Still, it’s so tough to accept that you are gone. The way you have played the intense roles, which leave a lingering sadness long after the movie is over,  to the characters  giving substantial life lessons to the audience with lots and […]