Plight of Indian Migrant workers

Honestly, they didn’t cross my mind even once until I saw them on news channels, thousands of migrant workers, walking miles, barefoot to reach their homes as this virus spread across the cities snatching away their meagre source of income,
thus leaving them hungry and hopeless and most importantly, without any faith and expectations.

Even the fear of this deadly COVID -19 virus didn’t stop them,
maybe the fear of keeping their kids hungry was much stronger than the fear of death.

I lost my sleep for a few days and then got busy with my usual now normal life, where apart from some inconveniences, thankfully all is okay.

But then I saw a child smiling with tears in his eyes while taking food from a kind soul.

And then I saw a young mother, carrying two toddlers, in worn-out slippers and when she saw the camera of a reporter trying to capture her pain, she gave a bright smile.
As if telling us we are strong enough to deal with our pain but will you be able to forget and forgive yourself.
As if she wasn’t walking in my afternoon but in the moonlight of October.
My heart ached with pain, I barely could hold back my tears.
When did we grow so inhumane, how could we sleep peacefully when someone is crying even dying out of hunger.

How could we fail to see if things were going to get this bad for us, the normal privileged ones, what would happen to those who depend on their everyday wages to satiate their hunger?

How did we fail to notice?

These someones are the same people who keep working day in out,
to build our homes, buildings, complexes and societies.

These are the same people who tie up their infants on the waist and keep working, sometimes leaving them behind in scorching sun.

Yes, they need it but tell me honestly, don’t we equally need them?

Many of them have lost their lives in unfortunate accidents, which is very triggering for me to talk about.
And I know for many us, it’s so hard to even hear that

I know like normal people we do have our own issues, crisis, life and limitations.
This is a tragedy for all of us and we are allowed to crib and cringe on our lives.
But Can we please not forget this?

If we could bring our people back from other countries, we could certainly save these workers to be refugees in their own country.

We could have done better for them
if not much then maybe little,
but we could have definitely done better.

I know this hurts.
I have seen reporters and the people trying to help them break down in tears seeing their condition.

It breaks our heart, every time we see read or hear something about them but then our own life pull us.

And we sit there helplessly and hurting for seeing others suffer in silence is suffering in itself.

Image source :instagram handle – unknownartist_photography

Ankit Jain

44 thoughts on “Plight of Indian Migrant workers

  1. It’s heartwrenching.. We were too in tears seeing them in the news. Finally we decided to distribute food packets to those labourers, and we are trying to make arrangements for them, till the govt arranges the trains. We hope even other people lend a helping hand, in whatever way they can. Great Post indeed. Hope that more people read it and try to help them. Let’s pray for good. 🙏

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    1. First of all thank you so much for doing whatever you could, it’s a lot.And I have seen only common people coming out to help even those who themselves have very little, have seen little children distributing food.
      But the government and oppositions are busy doing politics even in this situation I can’t tell you how overwhelming to see this, infact we all are feeling the same whoever cares.
      let’s just hope and pray for the best
      thanks again❤

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      1. It’s said the rich have money, the poor have a heart. Indeed the common people are going out of the way to help then, but I’ve seen people who have the money and the means, lending a helping hand too. No need to thank me, ma’am, I feel its a moral duty. Politics is something I’m least interested in. But I still have faith that they’ll do something, if not out of compassion, then atleast due to the social pressure.
        Yeah, let’s hope and pray and also do what we can.

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  2. My heart cries seeing all this. Sometimes Idk if I sound illogical but I really think, it’s really kalyug. Heinous things are happening we all just brutal. God. And I also despise the fact that country is more engaged in saving people from foreign more than the workers who are actually shedding blood and tears within the country.

    Bhgwan ne ye duniya pyar, mohabbat Or ek dusre ki madad k liye bnayi thi but almost sab galat hi ho rha h.

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  3. Once again powerful words from you and u showed the problems those migrants facing in this this article and thanks for sharing with us ☺️☺️

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  4. “Like” though certainly not for the situation, which is sad and perilous. “Like” because you’re raising awareness. Migrant workers in the USA are often not acknowledged, either, which means their needs go unconsidered, too. Since the current administration doesn’t want anyone coming into the country, I wonder how the migrant community might be faring. In a better day, it’s still a hard life. Yet we need the workers in your nation and mine, doing what they do, though they could be recognized, celebrated, and protected. A maddening irony–we need them but don’t want to help them.

    Thank you for this post!

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  5. A paradigm shift from socialism to capitalism, where workers find the least importance in the funnel. Please try to spread this write-up as people hardly read blogs these days. This is a heartfelt apostrophe which needs to be read, against the media propaganda, to show them the mirror of their own apathy – the ruling government and their blind followers. And don’t thank people for reading, neither me, instead appeal to them and thank them if they do something about it.

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  6. Bonjour ou bonsoir jeune fille

    Notre amitié elle est importante pour moi
    Tes petits messages déposés sur mon blog
    C’est comme une flamme d’un feu de bois
    Qui dans mon cœur me met de la joie
    Cette amitié je la regarde comme le soleil ou une étoile qui brille dans le ciel
    Elle reste éternelle
    En attendant je te dis bonne journée ou belle soirée
    Bisous amicales

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  7. And this is one thing, we all feel helpless about most of the times as what they must be actually going through, would not be imagined as sympathy is easy, but having empathy is difficult. Hope it will end soon 😅

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      1. So beautifully written and heartfelt.this pandemic has separated so many families and yet we hope that this will end soon.
        I pray that we will all one day have the equal chance of a good life..i feel how you feel..❤❤

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  8. Your words are really touchy. We are more helpless to do something for them. Hope everything will back to normal soon. In this pandemic not just migrant workers many people suffering a lot. On one hand people affecting by virus on other hand they are dying out of starving. Let’s pray for the tough time to vanish soon.

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  9. This is heartbreaking to know that we cannot do anything for them and at the same time, the Government is hardly doing anything for them either.

    At times, I put myself in their shoes and shudders my soul.

    Very well put up, Anamika.

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