Book Review of ” Letters from the soul”

Book name- Letters from the soul Author – Purba Chakraborty Book-length- 67 pages Genre – poetry I picked up this book because it resonated well with me and as expected, most of the poems spoke volumes to me as soon I started reading. Also was really excited to see 24 forms of poetry was being […]

art of precious scars

someone said, my writing used to reek of heartbreak and pain and now it feels like healing. And I couldn’t agree more, writing healed me when my heart ached with pain, the sufferings were entrapped striking from within, again and again I allowed them to come out, ripping my heart apart, and the words kept […]


​She wanted to write happy things but the pen used to bleed exactly like her heart . she wanted to think of the  future but her thoughts used to take her down  the memory lane every single night . She wanted to sing that happy songs  and dance along but the sad ones always used […]