Humanity bleeds


It’s easy to ask for a war

sure does it give us news to talk about 

 and our so called patriotism to flaunt

But have you ever wondered?

The price of war is paid

By our innocent soldiers

Some newly wed turns into a widow

Some new born can never have their father’s shadow

Is that what we want?

We do need safety and protection

But why war is the only option?

They are not obliged to give their life

Neither do they get something in return

What they are asking from you??

Atleast let’s just treat them human

Don’t just bragg off the song of their bravery

Do think their life is not  for our slavery

Don’t shout out for war now and then

They too have a life and a family

Let’s just live with peace and harmony

Let’s not   make hatred and war our weapon

For no matter which side blood it is

It’s humanity which bleeds

For war can only breed war

Author’note: this post is inspired from the wonderful Mariam hayder  post “Deception”you can check it out here

If you already aren’t following her ,do check her blog out.She is an amazing writer. 

33 thoughts on “Humanity bleeds

  1. Reading this game me goosebumps. I made me scared, sad, and blue.
    We did nothing to deserves such soldiers, but still we have them. We feel safe cause they are taking bullets for us.
    It’s a very sensitive topic for me cause a soldier is someone I respect with all my heart and extremely proud of, and someone whose eyes I can never meet cause he/she is the one beyond the restrictions of greatness and selflessness.


    1. That’s true , I have seen lately social media being flooded by we want war type of things that made me think like this and days ago read something on the after affects of war .so couldn’t hold back my emotions and this came out 😦

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  2. Great! Well-written and contains a sound advice to follow. We should spread love and peace instead of hatred which is already so common in this world. And a million thanks for the compliment Anamika, Love 

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    1. Yeah that’s true ,war not only destroy resources but it destroy the lives of people compelling them to live their own country and being a refugee .Their complete go on hold for the uncertain time


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