Believe in miracles

The  things that kept me going and help me to get through my  darkest times was my writing. But just  few days ago ,I wasn’t finding any motivation or energy to do anything and that took a toll on my writing too. I was feeling too lost and the feeling was familiar ,it happens to […]

Little everyday joy is real happiness

We all are  Running with our own pace As if we all are participating in a rat race. Amidst of all the chaos We hardly find any happiness trace.  We keep looking For something larger to happen We keep waiting for  that course to be completed That dream job we would land the soulmate we […]

3 am thoughts

​ ​ You are alone with  your 3 am thoughts?? Memories are haunting you? No one to talk to?? Worries of future is making you anixious?? The one who left, are the one you missing the most? Oh yes ,how to forget those old conversation , they are always there to break your heart  Feeling […]


​ Trust his way And he will make you strong enough to fly Keep moving forward Even if you have to crawl No matter if you are big or small I too was just a caterpillar Born with wings; Totally unaware,until got my beautiful yellow dress If all you can see is darkness You never know […]


​  they say hope is something  that must be alive ,it gives you strength. But sometimes being strong is we need to stoping hoping and let go. Sometimes hope needs to die for a new beginning.  loosing hope is not a sign of weakness always.

You will always be my angel 

It was 4.30 am ,ringtone of cell phone broke the silence of dawn.  Her heartbeat skipped a beat ,the anxiety ,the restlessness she was feeling from evening and now this early morning phone call from papa . Within fraction of second her mind wandered through enough negative possiblities which made her  to freak out . […]

Humanity bleeds

​ It’s easy to ask for a war sure does it give us news to talk about   and our so called patriotism to flaunt But have you ever wondered? The price of war is paid By our innocent soldiers Some newly wed turns into a widow Some new born can never have their father’s shadow […]

Dream again

The day we come into our senses ,we start  dreaming . Dreams that make us alive ,dreams that make us realize that we have a purpose to live . We have something to look forward every single day . We stay awake till wee hours working on our dreams,sometimes dreaming about  achieving our dreams . […]