​Was it really my fault  Asked the short                     No it happened with me too                         Replied the Burqa Dear Indian men ,You might not be  the one gropping us  around. Ok ,I will listen and […]


​ It’s been a while It all became a pile Of rubbles and dead bodies Somewhere dark in the night In the silence that fright There might be someone alive But do they matter? If they would have Nothing would have shattered They say UN couldn’t save them They say US couldn’t save them I […]

Humanity bleeds

​ It’s easy to ask for a war sure does it give us news to talk about   and our so called patriotism to flaunt But have you ever wondered? The price of war is paid By our innocent soldiers Some newly wed turns into a widow Some new born can never have their father’s shadow […]

It’s reality not a fiction

​ He Couldn’t  hold back his emotions  It was reality not a fiction  Got know his friend was raped whom they dropped near her home Just a few hours ago There was just a street to walk, Who knew that  street could Become a bridge which can never fill the gap between her present and past […]