I’ll wait

I will wait for the man
Who  will  always stay mine

either in the heavy rain or in  the sunshine

Whose  love will never fade

Who will never change

No matter how much things will go wrong

together we will stay strong

Someone who will be so proud 

That he will  say it loud

She is the one 

I have choosen  from the crowd

Who will be aware 

Of all the love we would share

He will keep it close 

as his greatest treasure

In the sadness and in the pleasure

Who will adore my  smile 

and  kiss away my tear

Who listen to my dreams 

And my fear

I will wait for the man

 for all my quirks who will love me

Someone who will be scared to loose me

And my imperfections will be just a reason for him to love me more

 walls around me may be  high now but to reach me, he will always find a door 

 Who will find me beautiful 

Either in an ill fitted shirt 

or  in an evening gown

I will wait for my man

Whom I will love as much as I can

The one who will be the center of my universe

for my whole life span

I will wait for that man

IMAGE SOURCE :praise wedding

37 thoughts on “I’ll wait

  1. The right man will come along. I thought I would never find the right man for me but I did and now we have been married going on 2 years with a beautiful baby girl 🙂 beautiful poem!

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