Your pain is valid

Sometimes, I borrow words
most of the times pain,
I see and feel around,

I borrow from a heartbroken,
who feel it’s not worthy to share
who feel it’s not poignant enough to be heard and shed tears upon
who feel there are bigger mountains of pain in the world and mine, mere a pebble
who feel they can swallow it
without bothering anyone else.

I borrow it from them
and fill it with their muffled sobs,
no one saw or heard
sprinkle their tears, no one wiped
make it sharp enough to hurt

so that if someday,

someone comes across it
maybe just maybe they find it
poignant and heartfelt enough to hold
the person and let them cry on their shoulders, in their arms
and tell them
please shed those tears you gulped all this while with a lump in your throat and a smile,
while I sit here holding your hands
because your pain is valid and
yes, it hurts.

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