the conflict

They both woke up at the same time,
after snoozing their alarm for a while,
the body left the bed while the mind insisted to stay in there for a while, maybe all day long.

Body wanted to jump off the bed, go for a run, smile at neighbours, buy groceries, go to work, take smoke breaks, laugh at colleague’s jokes,

While the mind wanted to rest, denying all the requests, just wanting to sit idle and do nothing at all.

The body has all the energy but the mind is exhausted.

The body is fine happy, healthy, smiling,
the mind is shouting, pulling away, suffocated.

Some days body gives in,
the mind takes over,
they both lie all day long,
sitting idle doing nothing,

most of the days, the body tries and overcome the mind.
The mind feels betrayed, left alone, screams yet the body keeps moving, go for a walk, smile at neighbours, buy groceries, cooks dinner.

Next day, the body leaves the bed,
mind wants to stay in there, all day long.

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