Book review of Raging heartland by Neelabh Pratap Singh

Raging heartland is the first book in the heartland series.It starts with the story of Diya Rai’s issues which turns out to be just the beginning of what’s life is going to throw on her soon.
You can get fairly engrossed with Diya’s endeavour to protect her father who is merely being a victim of the casteism enveloped over the heartland for years.
With Diya’s every move, you will seem closer to the murder but somehow you won’t be able to guess it right till the end.

I love the way Diya’s character progresses and how realistic she behaves according to the setting of the story.
She is strong yet gets intimidated like a normal girl and don’t just act like a superhero is what makes the character realistic and relatable.
Dev seems to be a fine man stuck between helping his childhood crush Diya and walking on a straight path which leads to Umesh Rai as the killer

  The author has researched and crafted his characters well, especially Diya Rai.
I would highly recommend this to thriller lovers, for its realistic set-up and unpredictable ending.

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