If you are the one giving up on someone 

You feel exhausted and drained coz you are the only one putting in efforts .

Coz you give it all and get nothing in return .

Coz you try to understand and be there for them .

But they lash out on you ,push you away .

But you being the loyal ,committed human you are ,being the one who knows too much physcology ,you try to understand their situation and you remind yourself that they are in just bad frame of mind .

May be it’s their work,their family or something else but how long ??

How long are you going to punish yourself for the mistakes you didn’t even make??

How long will you try to figure them out or what’s wrong with them ??

Why are they acting so different?? are they asking for time and space ?Give it to them as much they want .

And if they will want you or need you ,they will run back to you and if they don’t .

Just have the courage to understand where do you stand .

And amidst all these mess ,if you decide to give up ,and after doing so much you are not left with anymore courage or strength or patience to put up with their behaviour ,which you are trying to decode for so long.

Then,forgive yourself for giving up and move on .

Move the hell on .

Coz no matter how difficult their life might be,coz no matter how bad it is for them .

You tried ,you tried your best and your presence were only making them annoyed.

Just leave ,don’t stay where you are not needed.

And please ,please don’t blame yourself for moving on.

Remember why in the first place you decided to move on ?

Don’t regret that you should have understood and have been more patient as if all those  sleepless nights with staring eyes on phone screen were not enough.

Don’t curse yourself for  not holding on more tightly ,remember you did ,you did hold on until all you could remember was to breathe somehow and them .

Don’t beat yourself up for not being more open hearted to accept their mistakes more,

 when you already have forgiven them so much that they stop saying sorry coz they know you would eventually forgive them and they took your big heart for granted.

You did all you could and what they did in return ,they disrespected you ,your feelings ,your efforts .

When they should have been making equal efforts they decided to sit silently and watch you walk away ,even if they were dealing with something and needed their space ,you waited much more than you should have .

So let yourself be free from all “could have been” .

You were there, tried your best to help them out,to save them from their demon ,to become silent listener but they didn’t want it ,they didn’t want you .

You offered everything you had but may be they didn’t need you.

You tried and tried until you didn’t know what else you could do .

So ,just remember ,there was a reason you left ,coz there was a reason they didn’t try to make you stay .

You tried to help them but you instead you end up annoying every single time .

So may be you walking away from them can help them a bit, may be it would make them more worse or may be it wouldn’t make any difference .

7 thoughts on “If you are the one giving up on someone 

      1. Yes, my dear, you have this unique feature of writing your heart. Simple words with a strong message. Keep writing. What others think that’s not our concern. If they like well and good but we have to write for ourself. And you are doing a really good job there.

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