She had a childhood dream 

Of walking in the moonlight

It was not safe told her dad

She grew up and went to hostel

The gates were closed after sunset

midnight coffee and walk in the moonlight

Was still in dreams and out of her sight

they clip your wings

 and then  tell you to fly 

And then they say

 you have got so many privilege

 which we provide

She wanted to wear short skirt 

But her mother told

” it looks weird”

Her mother was scared of the way 

People judges character on the length of the dress

She wanted her daughter

To live life the way she wants

But the “women” within her 

Was overshadowed by the concern of a “mother”

She knew what her daughter might be feeling

Again  it was that damn glass ceiling 

Which they throw at you  in the name of the sky 

And when you spread your wings 

Wide open to take that flight

Then you get struck 


Within the four walls  of their 

Narrow mind ,sick mentality

prejudice and patriarchial society 

They clip your wings 

And when you ask why 

They begin their rant of your “safety”

They need to know 

They have to guard their 

Wandering thoughts and lustful eyes 

They have to control 

Their unquenched thirst

Instead they lock you up 

To ensure your safety

Somewhere  an innocent wish died

still they say

You have got so many privilege 
Which we provide


38 thoughts on “Privilege

  1. Why is it always a daughter’s responsibility to carry the burden of families honour?? ….they think we r fragile and still the burden is so high…our dreams get crushed… and we r not even allowed to cringe..
    I can completely relate with this anamika….facing same things here…thank u for putting these emotionsπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

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    1. Thanks apporva ,its all about us women being a daughter ,being a wife just being a woman means choking your million innocent desires upto the limit that you don’t even realize sometimes that you are doing so.
      So calling us privileged ,is just overrating .Even if we are getting certain priorities that is our right not the privilege they provide.

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  2. Yes, this describes quite well how the family is clannish. How it is a center of first power attempting to perpetuate a offering to tomorrow, being the offspring. A prepackaged containment of all their “ideals”, go forth child and propagate, represent all that we trust in. But what they dont’ have room for in their heads is the why, the why to for of their fears that you might be snatched in the shadows of independence and removed from their “privilege”, from their life.
    Guilt, it is guilt at work within the “Human Conscience”, a fear that an unknown indictment lies out there somewhere ready to pounce down and rob them of tomorrow, for you shall go out unto the stage of tomorrow and represent them, their ideals, what is their investment in you. Don’t shame them, don’t be an embarrassment to them, make them proud instead, but proud of whom? Of them for having sent you out such an outfitted one to represent.
    This is the sadness of mankind encompassed in this ritual, unexamined, and perpetuated, never questioned but yes celebrated.
    Sorry. Sorry for the truth. Parents are to be loved, and they must do what they do out of love for the offspring not so that you won’t shame them.
    The privilege is theirs to have given life. They should keep giving it, not stifling it, for the true gift they can hand down to you is that one day you might, on the road to life, meet God.


    1. Actually the way parents brhabing is just a reflection or you csn say reaction of the patriarchal society which believes that safety of a women is within the four walls ,which believes something unfortunate happens its because the she dress up.Its not abt the parents here its abt the society parents are here illustrations to show what girl faces in the nsme of safety.

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    1. Hey akhila ,thanks dear .
      They don’t know we have wonder if it’s ok before wearing anything .And if someone wears something of their choice they have to face judgemental stares ,though unwanted attention is unavoidable no matter what you wear.After sunset ,we have to think twice before stepping out .So they can’t say we are privileged.

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