Does it happens to you too??

Have you ever felt lost?? Lost somewhere you have no idea about. It’s like staring into a blank space and not even realizing it . Feeling disinterested and demotivated in all the things you enjoyed doing including your passion . No it’s not just a plain laziness , coz laziness is a choice sometimes we […]

Don’t look back girl 

You have come a long way   you are having another day  the sunlight sip in your room   through the craks of your window Making you to believe that   you too will shine That ray of hopes will sip in  Through the cracks of your broken heart the chirping bird  Is here to inspire you  […]


She had a childhood dream  Of walking in the moonlight It was not safe told her dad She grew up and went to hostel The gates were closed after sunset midnight coffee and walk in the moonlight Was still in dreams and out of her sight they clip your wings  and then  tell you to fly  […]

The love which never left 

​ We are born with the inbulit quality to love and being loved . As a new born child can’t understand the word you speak ,may not get  your gesture or your body language. But they do know the language of love your one expression of love and affection ,they will come in your arms […]