red lipstick

“make your choice a warrior or a princess” asked the king, father of the only daughter So, he could find the most eligible “future king” of his state “groom for his princess”. But she was passionate about horses and swords as much as she loved her pearls and red lipsticks. And that’s why she chose […]

You are the storm

Let them know,you are not for everyone,you will always be too much,reckless and strong. Let them knowyou are the storm you dance every time,they ask you to sit down and every time theyquestion your voiceexpect you to keep quiet,you screamand shoutas loud as thethunder strike, you are the voice theydon’t want to hearyou are the […]

Let’s lean in together

​ Here’s to the people who just left Here’s to the ones who stayed Here’s to the tears we all shed Here’s to the moments when we smiled Here’s to the spirit that don’t judge Here’s to the mascara that won’t smudge Here’s to the power we all hold Here’s to the goodness We  have […]


​Was it really my fault  Asked the short                     No it happened with me too                         Replied the Burqa Dear Indian men ,You might not be  the one gropping us  around. Ok ,I will listen and […]

It’s reality not a fiction

​ He Couldn’t  hold back his emotions  It was reality not a fiction  Got know his friend was raped whom they dropped near her home Just a few hours ago There was just a street to walk, Who knew that  street could Become a bridge which can never fill the gap between her present and past […]

Don’t look back girl 

You have come a long way   you are having another day  the sunlight sip in your room   through the craks of your window Making you to believe that   you too will shine That ray of hopes will sip in  Through the cracks of your broken heart the chirping bird  Is here to inspire you  […]


​She wanted to write happy things but the pen used to bleed exactly like her heart . she wanted to think of the  future but her thoughts used to take her down  the memory lane every single night . She wanted to sing that happy songs  and dance along but the sad ones always used […]


She had a childhood dream  Of walking in the moonlight It was not safe told her dad She grew up and went to hostel The gates were closed after sunset midnight coffee and walk in the moonlight Was still in dreams and out of her sight they clip your wings  and then  tell you to fly  […]