This is how you  grow up 

You have been loved by one and all ,you feel yourself so fullfilling and content .As you are the one whom your friends rely on.

You are the one who is made to feel important

 You are the one who get to know who is having their first kiss 

And who is having  their first date next week.

Everything is great and life feels awesome.

You have a close knit group of family and friends .

You are there for them and they are for you .What else you could ask from life right.

Then slowly you start growing up.

Things starts getting messy complicated  like an unsolved  puzzle .

The best friends who couldn’t live without  talking to you are growing apart with their own set of problems which bothers you too offcourse and you feel miserable about yourself when for the first time you were unable to help them.

But this time had to come you see,their problems grew out of your reach, your visions and prespective might not help them this time.

This time a head to head   deep philosophical conversation and cheese pizza is not going to fix it up and that is okay.

May be for the first time ,you were about to have a heartbreak ,and you will no one to talk to .

That dream you have been watching since you were in your kindergarden may be take side shift and you feel ,you want to do something entirely different.

Still you have  your parents ,your siblings by your side ,you can still go back to home whenever you want to .

You can still rely on them till you can help yourself out because there will eventually come a time .

A situation where your parents no matter how much they want to support you and stand by you

They may not be able to do so .

Because at the end of the day ,you solely are responsible for yourself no one else is .

Not your parents ,not your partner ,not your friends are responsible for your happiness,for your success ,for your failures .

You are the only one responsible for all your shit  and trust me darling you are the one going to put all your shit back together .

You will be shattered in pieces due to different reasons ,sometimes heartbreak ,sometimes failures,sometimes just feeling yourself  useless.

Don’t worry you will learn to hug yourself and put your pieces back together .

No I am not going to promise you that everything will be perfect  someday .

The fact is that may be you will not ,may be you will never get a perfect happy ending .

May be you will never find  answers for all the  unfair happenings in your life.

But the much stronger truth is that you are going to be okay with it .

You are going to learn to accept things in a way they are .

The fact is that may be even after 3 years from now you are going to be as messed up as you are   right now .

But the good thing is ,you will learn to deal with it .

You are going to be fine with your messy ,complicated ,not so perfect life .

You will be fall in love with your life because by then you will realize you have only one .

You have already lost so much time to figure out things 

So you will finally start living 

Growing up is not that bad at all its just fine.

Keep growing ,keep loving your not so perfect life you have got only one.

28 thoughts on “This is how you  grow up 

  1. Wow, wow. wow….wow!!!! This…you….are brilliant (*imagine me trying to splutter this out* 🙂 ). This says everything I have been thinking over the past while….you’ve captured it all!!!!!! Wow…thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

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    1. I just woke up at very sweet comment of yours.Thank you so very much for being so generous with your words and reactions ,means a lot :).Really! and yes I did imagined you trying to splutter those words out and it’s just made my day.
      Thank you so much 🙂 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Unbelievably beautiful tapestry of life and it’s complexity at every milestone. Aren’t we the lucky ones to have the ability to absorb and weather such complications?

    You have a great mind.


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