The love which never left 

We are born with the inbulit quality to love and being loved .

As a new born child can’t understand the word you speak ,may not get  your gesture or your body language.

But they do know the language of love your one expression of love and affection ,they will come in your arms without any hesitation because God don’t send us on this earth with a feeling of hatred or doubt .

One affectionate smile and they giggle back at you.Because they have that ability to return love without any adulteration in its purest form  .

As we all had ,when we took birth on this planet.

As we grow up on the  path of being adult,we mess ourselves with so much “this”and “that” and forget our simple basic trait that is to love and the need of being loved.

Age teaches us so much along the way we get too caught up with our ego,hatred and grudes .

As a plain mirror Is accumulated by the layers of dirt over the years.

That we tend to ignore the innocent way to love which our heart already knows .

We ignore the  innocent way  our heart feels without giving a damn about how old are we.

Let’s just try to be that innocent kid of almighty as he sent us on this earth.

I know may be I am talking a bit impractical but still atleast we can try .

Can’t  we??

Our true nature is that once we exihibted as children.

With love


75 thoughts on “The love which never left 

  1. wise words…….we need to be in tune with our inner child………though this world might require some maturity……..and taking some aspects out of the equation……let’s be children………….and never grow up!!!! life would be so simple. 🙂 🙂

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  2. I love this post not only just like it! I great the child in me each morning I wake dog licks my face and i burst out laughing and I can hear her still here in me! I trip or watch the animals be adorable, each time I burst out laughing it is liddle Maureen that I hear..and trust me it happens all day into the night with me hahaha! I had lost her for many stressful years…there is hope for everyone to find their innocence and child within I have no doubt! XO!

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    1. Thank you so much 🙂 🙂 ,thank yoi for understanding the sentiments behind this.I truly get tired seeing around so many innocent souls changing these days including myself .Lucky are the animals they can stay as they are born till they die.Look at their eyes and you can feel the innocence ,isn’t?


  3. These lines should be brought in the light of those militants and terrorists who believe in killing and getting killed.
    I am sure they must have been as naive and innocent as every toddler is.
    I know your post wasn’t intended to those people. But don’t know why, reading this reminded me of them being small kids.

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  4. When children beging learning social constructs such as time, etiquette, behaviour – they learn the ‘rules’ that govern society.
    It doesn’t mean they experience more love and joy. It simply means they’re more naive.
    For example, a child is capable of being just as cruel as an adult. Where an adult ignores the rules of society in causing pain, a child simply doesn’t know they’re there. That’s why childhood bullying can be so extreme.

    I do agree with what you’re trying to say, but we are all born with sin in our life. A child is no different from an adult in this regard.


  5. Wow a great post , in fact even I think so. I firmly believe that we are here in this world only to share our love because that is what we are carrying with our birth and that is why we have evolved as a human.
    I loved this post.

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