Let love heal you

There are some broken hearts out there

Who have lost the hope of love and life.

These broken hearts try to protect themselves from getting hurt anymore and in the process they grow their edges so sharp that it starts hurting the one who tries to come near them.

And they feel they are just protecting themselves but what they fail to notice is they are becoming what they are scared of, someone who can’t love back, someone who don’t know how to reciprocate any loving gestures, someone who have forgotten completely how to express what they feel, love or may be even hatred.

And they become this ruins of what they used to be and who have hurt them and it’s a dangerous thing you know.
Having all those love in your heart and still unable to pass it on, to claim it ,to be loving .

This because they have suppressed their hurt, their pain, their sufferings.

They didn’t allow themselves to grieve the death of a relationship.

They actually never healed completely, coz healing isn’t a speedy recovery, coz healing isn’t a magic wand.

Coz healing is a long, slow and draining process, it demands you to go through the pain no matter how painful it is, then only you can let it go, then only you can recover.

Coz until we aren’t recovered, healed we can’t be ourselves just the ruins of what we used to be or the shadow of the person who have hurt us in the past.

So let your pain fade slowly, let it all go and when someone reach out to you, give it a chance with all your heart, who knows may be their love can heal your broken heart.

And once again you can love with all you have.

18 thoughts on “Let love heal you

  1. It’s so deep. Healing is definitely a painful process but without healing we can’t recover.
    I loved it and the way you chose your words. I am glad to spot this❤️

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  2. When we’ve been hurt we need to acknowledge and recognize it so we can heal deeply. Without that we mask it. Hide it from public view. It’s hidden but it festers and taints each attempt when someone comes close. Well said. Thanks.

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