Table for one.

Singlehood isn’t a thing to celebrate, it’s not something you are proud of specially in your late 20s when everyone around you are getting married, having babies or are engaged at least.

Being single isn’t a badge I carry with pride.

It’s not something I really want.

But but it’s not something I am ashamed of.

I won’t lie it’s hard sometimes, to swallow that pill of loneliness and not expect anyone to show up.

But it’s brave too, it’s courageous to stand there alone in a group of friends everyone having someone by their side and you have only one hand to hold and that is just yours.

Sometimes I find it hard to be excited for another engagement news not because I didn’t like it or it made me unhappy but because I actually don’t know what it feels like having someone forever.

And what brings so much joy and happiness when someone join in this roller coaster ride called life as your partner.

Life gets lonely at times but I won’t lie I have started loving this loneliness little too much.

I want someone by my side at times but most of the time I have fallen in love with this loneliness, this habit of being on my own, being my own person.

Right now when I am writing all this, I feel so comfortable and content.

It made me realize that may be this was my purpose, my lesson to learn how to stay alone and not depend on others anyway not atleast emotionally,
I am grateful for this lesson.

Till I find someone, table for one isn’t that bad either,after all you don’t have to share your food :p.

14 thoughts on “Table for one.

  1. I donno Ami what to say…living with your love is always nice .. but having the right one around you is not that easy too..
    If you are enjoying being alone, that’s also great..
    And moreover the strings of bonds can make you stressed when it is broken..Nothing is in our hands..people come and leave .

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  2. Personally I do embrace being single. I function better that way. I have no interest in relationships and it would take someone very special to change my mind.

    It doesn’t bother me to do things solo, but I imagine it’s different for me because I’m male. Single men aren’t looked down upon nearly as much as single women, which I think is a societal problem. One’s worth is not dictated by relationship status.

    Maybe if the masses would realize that it wouldn’t be so hard to be single.

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  3. Table for one is not that bad of a thing until they serve you too much and you wonder whether to stuff it down or to ask to parcel it.

    I hope you do find someone to be by your side. I hope that someone holds your hand on the midnight of the new year. All the best. 🙂
    Take Care.

    P.S.: I shouldn’t high-five, but High Five on the singledom. Not something to be celebrated, but I feel it is better that way for me, because of the baggage that I carry and that, believe me, is a huge load of that. I wouldn’t want to drag someone else in the mess that is me.

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      1. Well, I have realized one thing and that is there is some baggage that one can’t get rid off. This is that kind of baggage and which means I will have to stay away from a major portion of the people. And I don’t mind doing that actually.

        Thanks, btw. 🙂

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