People are like the ocean .

So deep ,as you much as you will drown you will know the treasures they are holding within themselves.

The pearls ,the gemstones, wildness ,the calm and the storm

The ray of sunlight when reflected through their skin dispersed into rows of different rays.

The darkness ,the soothing calm and some times scary.

It have so  many dimensions ,beautiful and waiting be unfolded.

And so vast that a lifetime is less to know their depth .

You will have to try every single day and you  will get to know something new about them .

But we as humans get it all wrong.

We see the ocean ,it’s vastness .

We touch the surface and we feel it’s too much for us to sink in.

We are too much impatient and shallow to drown ourselves and pick up the pearls.

We walk away to find other surface ,which will not require us to drown and spend a lifetime finding the pearls hidden within them.

And may be the journey continues and with each moving ahead we loose a track ,a bit of more patience and thus keep moving to a more shallower surface.

But you know what 

may be a lifetime is given to us

 so that we can drown Into our ocean and keep finding pearls and let them know how many treasures they hold.

Illustration credit :Nour

Do follow her on Instagram for some incredible artworks.

19 thoughts on “Ocean

  1. We are too much shallow to drown into Β  it’s depth and pick the pearl waiting for us.
    These lines just blew my mind. We always choose the easy option over the right one and that makes all the difference!
    Loved the poem, it was beautiful! 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

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