Little everyday joy is real happiness

We all are 

Running with our own pace

As if we all are participating in a rat race.

Amidst of all the chaos

We hardly find any happiness trace.

 We keep looking

For something larger to happen

We keep waiting for

 that course to be completed

That dream job we would land

the soulmate we would find

Who will make our heart melt.
But in that wait 

We just forget

Happiness is lying beside

When you manage to sleep a bit more.

Happiness is sitting on the table with you ,

when you have your favourite breakfast and few extra minutes to enjoy every bit of it.

Happiness is the window seat you got in a public transport.

Where even in the crowd you can escape the world with your headphones on.

Happiness is the morning sun which you coincidentally look at and can’t keep your eyes off from the beautiful view.

As if sun is getting up with half asleep eyes to face the world.

Just like us.

Happiness is in a child’s smile which is so infectious that it makes you smile to.

Happiness is in the way ,your pet came running back to you .

As if nothing is  important in this world more than you.

Happiness  is everywhere around  us

In the little joys of life

43 thoughts on “Little everyday joy is real happiness

  1. दोस्तों मेरा नाम वेद प्रकाश पाल मैं BA के final year का student हु और मैं यह ब्लॉग अपने विचारो को एक नयी सोच के साथ प्रकट करने के लिए बनाया है आप लोगो से निवेदन है की अधिक से अधिक लोग पढ़े और shere करे ,


  2. Very beautiful and true! We focus on things that we believe will make us happy when in reality we have to look no further or even give it much thought to realize those tiny things are what happiness is about. 🙂

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