There is someone who always listen you and sometimes respond too

Had it happen to you ever
  that you are talking to yourself about something.

Or something is bothering you.

Or there is  a question in your mind and you are like why God ,why?

May be your question is how am I going to do this?

Is it going to happen?

And suddenly ,from nowhere you come across a quote,a sentence ,a name or anything .

It may be a banner,a billboard,someone wearing a t-shirt with quote.

May be while scrolling through your news feed.

which strikes you and you feel like someone just replied you in it’s own strange way.

And you are like 

Oh yeah! This may be the reason.

Or oh! So I have to do it this way.

Anything but in that moment you feel relieved that okay someone is watching over me.

And your heart fills up with gratitude and love for that unknown source .

And strengthen your faith.

It happens to me often and I am grateful so grateful for this.

What about you ,have you came across any experience like this.?

43 thoughts on “There is someone who always listen you and sometimes respond too

  1. A great question by the way .. It will seem strange but whenever I feel lost or alone .. I start remembering my own poems which I wrote just for these times and that words give me strength all the time. And who can not agree with the power of music !! It is best healer 😃

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  2. Yeah! So many times when I just wondering what is happening or what is going to happen its someone else words,a quote and even the lyrics of any song we started co relating everything and then we are granted with the answer itself. It console it so well that we don’t need anyone and you know what I call them “the secret message”.👍✌

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  3. Oh, my gosh…this happens to me all the time!!!! And, as with you, it makes me feel so relieved and comforted…I see it as proof that I am on the right path and need to keep going no matter how challenging that path may be at times…just the fact that you wrote this/that I’m reading it is another example of messages that reinforce our thoughts. Thank you for sharing this fantastic post! Stay wonderful 🙂

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