Sometimes it’s not about what you get ,it’s about what you become.

we struggle and think ,things will be better tomorrow ,next month or next year.

But what if that things are already good ,what if this is the best time you have given .

And these struggles are just a way for you to prepare something tougher ,harder coming to your way.

Well I am not saying that your struggles  will not result into something good .

What I am saying is ,live your tough days ,enjoy every bit of it.

  put your soul and heart to the things you don’t like doing but have to do they may eventually lead to a better you.

Because no matter what they say sometimes the toughest and the best things are similar.

And when we move ahead in life and things starts getting more complicated .

we start recalling the days and say oh! those were the days.

Someone has truly said sometimes it’s n ot what you got from those struggles and battles rather it’s what you have become.

The sun set can bring you the most beautiful view of the day.

39 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s not about what you get ,it’s about what you become.

  1. Love your topic! The way you led us through being negative on what has come our way to a positive outlook on the future is really GREAT!!! Especially true with love. Especially loved your last line.

    Kind of a “look at your glass as half full??”.

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  2. I’ve just found your blog today. Your about segment, I got the vision of a very large caring heart ❤️. This post is excellent, the struggle is the life, here and now. Thank you for the encouragement. Following you for more. Stephen.

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  3. thats the difference you see in leaders living worldclass life, even though its harder to do . they manage to take the big step . even with limited resources their character, their persistence , their passion and a dream to become something is what it takes them to be who they are today

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