rain and him

She puts on a brave face and acts all strong but as soon as he asks her β€œare you okay?” She breaks down, tears wash away her pain like dirt on leaves, gets washed away by rain. His husky soothing voice calms her down like the raindrop sings the lullaby to the restless roses in […]

Happy new year

Here’s to the words we all share Here’s to the pain we all care  Here’s to the tear we all shed Here’s to the love which made us cried Here’s to the spirit that don’t judge Here’s to the mascara that won’t smudge Here’s to the the love that we all share Here’s to the […]

Let’s talk

Before the  year ends  Let’s do one last thing πŸ™‚ Pick that phone and call that one person ,you could’nt talk this year too. Yeah! the same whom you thought of contacting at the Beigining of this year which is going to last tomorrow. But this year too only increased the gap between you and […]