Let’s talk

Before the  year ends  Let’s do one last thing 🙂 Pick that phone and call that one person ,you could’nt talk this year too. Yeah! the same whom you thought of contacting at the Beigining of this year which is going to last tomorrow. But this year too only increased the gap between you and […]

Don’t look back girl 

You have come a long way   you are having another day  the sunlight sip in your room   through the craks of your window Making you to believe that   you too will shine That ray of hopes will sip in  Through the cracks of your broken heart the chirping bird  Is here to inspire you  […]

Listen to my silence

​Hear me when I am talking Before you need to  Hold me when I am shaking Because of the tears which are Accumulated in my eyes  filled up to the brim  So that they cannot flow  And reach down to my lips the eyes won’t be able to  hold them Anymore They will  just  then break […]