A letter to Irrfan Khan

Dear Irrfan khan, We knew you were in pain, suffering since  two years. Still, it’s so tough to accept that you are gone. The way you have played the intense roles, which leave a lingering sadness long after the movie is over,  to the characters  giving substantial life lessons to the audience with lots and […]

Does it happens to you too??

Have you ever felt lost?? Lost somewhere you have no idea about. It’s like staring into a blank space and not even realizing it . Feeling disinterested and demotivated in all the things you enjoyed doing including your passion . No it’s not just a plain laziness , coz laziness is a choice sometimes we […]


She opened her eyes at the chirping voice of that little bird in her balcony .She smiled and pushed away her quilt ,folded her hand to thanks the almighty for giving her the oppurtunity to see one more beautiful morning . Isn’t its strange that the things we take for so granted are the biggest […]