Does it happens to you too??

Have you ever felt lost?? Lost somewhere you have no idea about. It’s like staring into a blank space and not even realizing it . Feeling disinterested and demotivated in all the things you enjoyed doing including your passion . No it’s not just a plain laziness , coz laziness is a choice sometimes we […]

Dream again

The day we come into our senses ,we start  dreaming . Dreams that make us alive ,dreams that make us realize that we have a purpose to live . We have something to look forward every single day . We stay awake till wee hours working on our dreams,sometimes dreaming about  achieving our dreams . […]

Don’t look back girl 

You have come a long way   you are having another day  the sunlight sip in your room   through the craks of your window Making you to believe that   you too will shine That ray of hopes will sip in  Through the cracks of your broken heart the chirping bird  Is here to inspire you  […]

The strength

​​ She was restless ,she tried to figure it out but couldn’t . Why was she feeling like this,it was totally expexcted.   At  this stage of life when she was in her mid of 26 th and single . It was totally okay to feel misfit,you know. As all friends were already  married ,few […]


She opened her eyes at the chirping voice of that little bird in her balcony .She smiled and pushed away her quilt ,folded her hand to thanks the almighty for giving her the oppurtunity to see one more beautiful morning . Isn’t its strange that the things we take for so granted are the biggest […]


And she wrote the poem  may be lamest. But for her it was a proud moment   She knew that  she will  make mistakes Humans we are and no one is perfect She would write and delete She carried on to edit Sometime she find words  Sometimes it got blurred  But she kept on writing […]