प्रेम एक कला है

कहते हैं प्रेम एक कला है, शायद सच कहते हैं, क्योंकि कभी-कभी, हम कहानियां नहीं चुनते, बल्कि वो ही हमें चुन लेती हैं। और अगर हम उनका इशारा ना समझ सकें, कि हमें लिखो, कहो या फिर सुनो, तो वह तब तक हमारे, दिल दिमाग और सपने में, दस्तक देते रहते हैं जब तक, उन्हें […]

let art be your solace

the only way to get through this tiring time is to keep our hopes high and fear at bay, believe, that you are healthy and your loved ones are safe because fear is one of the lowest vibrations even science says it reduces immunity if we will succumb to fear it will add up to […]

A letter to Irrfan Khan

Dear Irrfan khan, We knew you were in pain, suffering since  two years. Still, it’s so tough to accept that you are gone. The way you have played the intense roles, which leave a lingering sadness long after the movie is over,  to the characters  giving substantial life lessons to the audience with lots and […]