I am so glad you exist

I am so glad you exist I thought we would never meet, not in this lifetime. I kept looking for you and was too obsessed with finding “the one” desperate and awkward for love I felt this lifetime of mine will be a barren land empty of that connection divine. But deep down, I knew […]

I can’t breathe

I wonder is racism okay, until it doesn’t kill someone? Is it okay if it just makes you cry at 3 a.m because you felt so ugly and humiliated as anyone refused to sit next to you because they find you appalling because of your complexion and don’t find you enough to be friends with? […]

the last conversation

I was hungry, looking for something to eat.I saw you bringing me a fruit you were nothing less than an angel for me and my unborn baby It made me happy,reminded me of the time,I could pick up fruits from the trees, but there are no jungles around, anymore and the trees don’t bear fruits […]

love will find a way

Her deepest scars were tucked behind, carefully in the darkest corners of her heart, wrapped in layers of comfort zone and vulnerability. He wasn’t in a hurry either, he wasn’t going anywhere. She needed to open herself up, to stripe down her insecurities and to shed off all that she was not. And once she […]

magic of words

No one is perfect even when you see someone making mistakes not being their best speak of faith resilience. learn patience and share with them be honest but not the brutal honest be the kind honest see them fall see them get up clap for them cheer them and they will do better it works […]

the story isn’t over yet

He is a proud dad, a loving husband and a good businessman, and not so popular singer. After dinner, he tucked her beautiful daughter in bed, kissed his wife goodnight, and sat on his terrace in silence and solace, remembering that dreadful night when he decided to take his own life. After all, living without […]

Life, a sakura tree

Life, is like a Sakura tree uncertain and short- lived they bloom just for two weeks no one really knows which weeks of the season they will fully bloom they go from the long stem, pink flower clusters to barren branches in no time just like our fleeting lives and how it can tragically end […]


Birds were returning home sun hid somewhere in the clouds And I sat there watching dusk turning to dawn while my heart ached furthest away longing for unknown, gazing stars, triggered within me a distant yearning, for places I have never been and the sunrise that morning witnessed my whole being entrapped in a feeling […]