the last conversation

I was hungry, looking for something to eat.I saw you bringing me a fruit you were nothing less than an angel for me and my unborn baby It made me happy,reminded me of the time,I could pick up fruits from the trees, but there are no jungles around, anymore and the trees don’t bear fruits […]

Life, a sakura tree

Life, is like a Sakura tree uncertain and short- lived they bloom just for two weeks no one really knows which weeks of the season they will fully bloom they go from the long stem, pink flower clusters to barren branches in no time just like our fleeting lives and how it can tragically end […]

The homecoming

October feels like homecoming and the tiny blue home, with worn out walls and broken window panes dance in joy on the sound of dhak in the nearby pandal . The home smells of incense stick and fresh marigold flowers and hibiscus on the arrival of the October and the daughters and the sons, lost, […]

You aren’t a bad son

We all fail our parents sometimes That doesn’t mean you have committed any crime Don’t hurt yourself because it will eventually hurt them. We make our own rule,sometimes we argue. But we can’t live without them,isn’t that true?? We may sometimes disobey but from them we can’t stay away. You may say it hundred times […]